What is a CNC Profile Cutter?

James   August 20, 2019   Comments Off on What is a CNC Profile Cutter?


We qualify a CNC profile cutter as a metal plate machine cutter. It employs the use of oxy-fuel and plasma cutting technology for it to cut through a sheet or a chunk of metal. 

Oxy-Fuel Cutting

OxyFuel flame is best described as a cost-effective way of cutting mild and low alloy steel, even if they come with we preparations. Industry experts say that this method of cutting through metal is one of the most valuable production processes in the metal fabrication space.  

The Process of OxyFuel Plate Cutting 

Flame cutting, which others refer to as OxyFuel cutting, is a combustion process that utilizes fuel gas flame or oxygen. It’s heating flame will engage the material up and bring it to its ignition temperature. Following this is a jet of oxygen gas blown into that target spot you are trying to heat up. It is a prerequisite that the oxygen gas is at least 99.5% pure. 

The jet of oxygen will oxidize your metal, and once achieved the torch will be moved to allow for the creation of a narrow cutting kerf. This will help in eliminating the slag off the kerf. As for the quality and fineness of the cut, it will greatly depend upon the materials surface condition, thickness and cut velocity.  

All kinds of low alloy steel that are several inches thick can be utilized for cutting using exactly this process. Even though other alternatives cutting processes like laser and plasma cutting are on the rise, even if they are fast gaining ground in the fabrication universe, industry insiders are saying that the use of CNC profile cutter remains as the most cost-effective metal cutting method. 

There would be no alternative to CNC profile cutting machine when it comes to cutting materials with heavy thickness level that is up to 35 inches or about 900 mm. 

With the use of OxyFuel cutting technology, your CNC profile cutter is ever made more reliable most especially when your fabrication work involves high-quality hole-piercing with components production done and completed to their finished sizes with no further processing required.  

Plasma Cutting: What is It? 

Plasma cutting was originally intended for thermal cutting of materials that were not suitable for flame cutting. This included materials like aluminum or high alloy steels. Nowadays, the practical application of this material cutting process can be seen also in the cutting of thin alloyed steels.  

So, what is plasma?

Elementary science is giving us a generic description of the plasma. Accordingly, it is described as the 4th state of matter. The average person is aware that matter comes in 3 states namely; solid, liquid, and gas. 

Take for instance a common element, water. The 3 states of water are ice, water, steam. The differentiating factor between these states is the energy level they have. If we are going to add energy to ice, that is in the form of heat, it will melt forming water.

Adding more energy to water, which is heat, the water boils up, vaporizes turning into hydrogen and oxygen, in the form of steam. 

If you will try to add more energy to steam, the gas will become ionized. This ionization process will render the gas or steam electrically conductive. When gas becomes electrically conductive, the ionized gas is now referred to as steam. 

In a plasma cutting process, you will utilize the electrically conductive gas to move the energy coming from an electrical power source via a plasma cutter torch to the object that you are trying to cut.