Important Things to Know About Spill Kits

Cielo   October 12, 2017   Comments Off on Important Things to Know About Spill Kits

Spill kits are important to any type of facility that handles hazardous, combustible, poisonous, corrosive, or flammable materials and liquids. If you need one for your workplace, you should definitely set about getting one now. But before you select from the range of options that you will find on the market, it is vital that you are informed about some of the most essential things about these safety products, such as:

spill kits

They are available in various types

Spill kits in Australia come in three main classifications, namely: general purpose, oil only, and hazmat. General purpose kits are for water-based liquids and hydrocarbons; oil only kits are best for only hydrocarbons such as gasoline and oil; and hazmat kits are for corrosive acids and substances, as well as other hazardous materials.


They require careful selection

Choosing the right kit for your needs requires a careful understanding of what type of materials you work with. For example, if you’re working with gasoline in your facility, then you need diesel spill kits; similarly, if you’re anticipating major spills, pillow absorbents are necessary. Their contents also differ, but they should generally have: absorbents like pads, socks, or pillows; protective gear such as gloves; disposable bags with ties for the handling of soiled absorbents; a clear container for the storage of unused spill kit contents, and  drip trays (optional). The size of the kits should also be selected according to the size of the spill that you are preparing for.


They must be used accordingly.

Finally, they have to be used properly to be able to be effective towards containing spills. You and your team must know where your spill kits are located, as well as what they contain. Also, your organisation needs to be aware of what must be done in the event of a spill, as have access to emergency contact information. Equally as important is assessing when the spill should just be left to emergency responders and experts and start evacuating your premises.


Buying Your Spill Kits

When you have decided which kind of spill kits to get, the next thing to do is choose the right supplier. When choosing, make sure that you vet the quality of the range of their offerings, as well as their longstanding reputation in the industry. Additionally, they should be able to provide comprehensive product guidance to help you streamline your selections. And your supplier should also provide product training for your team.