Hormone Replacement for Men: Is this What You Need?

Cielo   May 25, 2018   Comments Off on Hormone Replacement for Men: Is this What You Need?

Hormone replacement for men is of great help to those who have low levels of testosterone. For instance, a condition known as hypogonadism can be a reason for very low levels of testosterone. It is a kind of dysfunction in the testicles wherein it prevents the body from producing normal amounts of testosterone.

In hormone replacement therapy, men are given testosterone or the hormone that is for the development of male sex organs, as well as producing male characteristics like facial hair. The therapy is usually used to correct any symptom of male hypogonadism.

Why Doctors Recommend Hormone Replacement for Men?

In the case of hypogonadism, there are those who are born with it, while others may have this later in their life. For adults, this can cause infertility, lower sex drive, osteoporosis, loss of facial and body hair, lower sex drive, etc.

To diagnose the problem, a blood test is performed. Then the doctor may decide to recommend the therapy to replace the missing ones. With this, muscle strength and sexual function can be restored. It can also prevent bone loss.

The levels of testosterone in men significantly decreases starting from the age 40. But many doctors do not really recommend the therapy to those who are healthy aging men and are not suffering from hypogonadism just for the purpose of increasing energy and sex drive. This is because high doses of testosterone can result in infertility, increase the risk of prostate cancer and stroke, and sleeping problems.

What Does the Therapy Involve?

Testosterone can be administered in various forms. This may include gel, patches, and injections. For patches, the hormone is released over a long period of time and this prevents the levels of hormone from falling or rising. In case of fluctuation, variations in mood, sexual desire, and energy is likely to happen.

Are There Side Effects?

As far as hypogonadism is concerned, the therapy has been successful for many years. However, there are some studies suggesting that the increase in testosterone levels in men can cause the prostate to enlarge. Other side effects that males are likely to experience are infertility and sleeping problems. The doctor will be responsible to monitor the patient’s health through tests and checkups when undergoing the therapy.

The therapy can be a very helpful treatment; however, it comes with some risks as well. In some cases, the risks can even outweigh the benefits, especially when you are considering it to make up for a natural decrease in the levels of testosterone.

Therefore, it’s best to talk to your doctor if this is really the best option for you or if there are other safer alternatives. Professional advice is always necessary when it comes to making decisions that may affect your overall health.