Factors To Consider When Buying Air Compressor Brisbane

James   July 27, 2016   Comments Off on Factors To Consider When Buying Air Compressor Brisbane

Air compressor Brisbane is important for running power equipment. Many brands in the market can suit your needs.But since the brand alone comes in different models, you still need to understand the features before you buy the device. Here are the factors to consider in having the most suitable equipment for your needs.



When you buy your air compressor Brisbane, you need to consider the kind and amount of tasks you will do. Since the device comes in different models and capabilities, you have to get the perfect equipment that can handle the work. Typically, homeowners and those in small construction do small tasks. Thus, a simple and basic compressor is sufficient to finish the job. But for big construction and those who intend to use the unit for business, investing in a bigger capacity and heavy duty version is a must.

Horsepower Rating

Because the horsepower rating corresponds well to the power capability of the air compressor, you should look at this when buying your unit. The best brand offers several options for your needs. You can get a brand with only 1 horsepower, or you can have the heavy duty type that can accommodate 9 horsepower.


After deciding on your task, look for the PSI feature. Most simple and basic jobs require only 90 psi. But of course, you want your unit to do better especially if you intend to use it for bigger tasks. The general rule for this is, the higher, the better. But of course, the price of the equipment also follows its capabilities. Thus, you need to consider the average capabilities if you want higher savings.


Knowing the psi does not end your task. You still need to determine the amount of air that will enter your air tools per minute. This is usually expressed in CFM or cubic feet per minute. Some manufacturers try to deceive customers by giving a higher CFM. However, what is important is the combination of the volume with the amount of pressure. Generally, you should get at least 3-4 CFM per hp at 90 psi. When you get a suitable air compressor, you know that you get the best CFM for your tools.