CNC Cutting Machines Allow for Better Quality Kitchen Countertops

James   August 12, 2019   Comments Off on CNC Cutting Machines Allow for Better Quality Kitchen Countertops

CNC cutting machines, this is one of the few technologies that has dominated the manufacturing seen for so many years now. CNC technology pertains to the computer-controlled systems that make use of numeric data that is intended to help fabrication machines make precision cuts with consistency. 

Essentially, what the CNC controller does is simply to input the required measurements for the cut and then your computer systems will take things from there. The major advantage of employing CNC cutting technology in the manufacturing sphere is that it eliminates human error. Perhaps, the only issue that may arise from here has something to do with inputting incorrect figures into the system. Apart from those, the use of CNC cutting technology is reliable due to its high level of accuracy and pinpoint precision.  

Applying CNC Cutting Technology in Kitchen Countertop Production

The very existence of the granite countertop manufacturing industry is highly dependent on the CNC cutting technology. Stone fabrication companies involved in this sector have this pressing need for creating tight seams that are highly durable and reliable for the coming years ahead. A good number of countertop manufacturing companies in the country today employ this type of computerized technology to have full control of their equipment.  

Another major benefit this system gives to the countertop production industry is that it allows these companies to enjoy the liberty of customizing the granite stone slab according to their customer specifications. 

All granite-based fabricating firms will agree with me in saying that making seams that are close to being invisible is of vital importance to their business, its operations, and longevity. The cutting of the granite stone slabs is made easier by employing CNC technology by having it fully automated.  

Benefits of Using CNC Cutting Machines in Granite Countertop Production

The majority of granite countertop production firms employ 2 different machines for them to cut the stone slabs to a specific size. Both of these machines though are under the control of the CNC system. 

The first one here is a saw jet. The machine comes with an oversized blade and is being utilized for cutting of the granite stone. Other than that it is also being used to engage the pressurized water, which typically runs in 50,000 psi. This magnitude of pressurized water is directed to the granite stone being cut.  

The jet of pressurized water will help the blade to cool down while it is still in use and helps prevent any debris build-up. If there is an accumulation of debris build-up, it could adversely affect its precision. Then, CNC router stone technology is employed to shape up the slab to its ideal form. 

The seamless and smooth corners and flawlessly rounded edges are direct results of employing the use of CNC cutting machines. Due to these attributes, we can readily qualify CNC as the best there is in the industry. Right this very moment, there is nothing that can come close to CNC in as far as making perfect cuts and seams are concerned. 

Besides, since you can have this process fully automated, you have the liberty of fabricating a potentially unlimited amount of duplicate countertops. This works to the advantage of your business because it helps in reducing your production costs.