Black Ceiling Fan: Factors to Consider when Acquiring One

James   October 16, 2018   Comments Off on Black Ceiling Fan: Factors to Consider when Acquiring One

With the advent of the new technology, it seems like we can have whatever we need. Whether its information, food, gadgets, appliances, home decorations, etc. we can have them easily (given that we have the money for them). One thing that we often see in the market that so many people purchase is a black ceiling fan. Its popularity is due to many reasons and benefits that it has to offer. If you think you need one or is interested to know more about it first before you make the decision of buying one, read on to learn some important information about it.


Color Scheme

The purpose of ceiling fans is not only to provide cool air but for decorative reasons as well. There are some types that come with more elaborate lighting fixtures and designs. If you want to choose a good design, always consider the color scheme by making sure that it blends and matches with the room where you plan to install it.

The same idea should be applied when choosing the style, as a simple fan can suit well to modern houses while those in gold colors or wooden styles are better for classic homes. Additionally, blade color is also important since blades are very noticeable elements. If you want your ceiling fan to exude a modern vibe, opting for a black ceiling fan is a great choice.


Lighting Factor

Always consider the lighting factor if you plan to buy a ceiling fan. This is as important as the cool air that it provides. If you want to give your room an extra illumination, then black fans may not be the best option to take as they decrease the light that gets in contact with your floor.

The same thing is true for light above blades. With these, the light will not be reflected, instead, it will be absorbed which can greatly reduce the amount of light in the room. This will also make the blades of the fan hot which leads to fading and possible damage, thus requiring replacement.



If you don’t mind wiping the blades of the fan on a regular basis, then you can opt for dark-colored ones. But if you think it would be a hassle, then choose other colors as with the black ones, dirt and dust particles are visible compared to the lighter-colored ones.

However, the advantage for black fans is their easy maintenance. You can easily bring back its beauty by just painting its blades with a black paint. This will not require too much effort, especially that black paint is very easy to find. Also, scratches can be easily patched without being obvious. Moreover, in case you need to replace the blades, they can be bought readily and matching them with the design of the fan will not be much of a problem.

Whether you want black of colored types of ceiling fans, it is very important to think carefully and consider the factors mentioned above so you will not make a decision that you might just regret.